Fine Jewellery sets our hearts a"Blais"

Andrea Blais Fine Jewellery carries on the tradition of classic, simple yet exquisitely detailed, and luxurious jewelry that can be paired with your everyday casual wear or a red-carpet worthy gown. It's a little bit nostalgic of the fine jewellery my mom used to keep tucked safely in her jewelry box and until a  special occasion deemed worthy enough let them shine. In other words, Andrea's work is captivating.

"I aspire to produce refined forms that communicate the simplicity, elegance, and purpose of nature." 

Andrea has been developing her practice as an artist and goldsmith since graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design with Distinction in 2008. Her artistic vision bloomed alongside her knowledge of technique and appreciation of the art form. The inspiration for her work is organic structure. She explore the intricacy and beauty of biology, while expressing themes of containment and nurturing.

Andrea's small pieces possess a certain magic. To fully experience a piece the viewer must gain a closer vantage, establishing an intimacy improbable with larger objects. This proximity allows the viewer to appreciate the delicacy and intricacy of the work. 

You can get in close proximity and fully appreciate Andrea's designs yourself at this season FABRICATED Trunk Show. Come see what this talented artist has created, and maybe take one home with you!
You can also purchase Andrea Blais Fine Jewellery through Influx Jewellery Gallery or by private sale.

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  1. Stunning work of Andrea Blais!
    Thx for gathering the info in this great blog!