Presenting Designer #4: Kendra Jo Designs

Photo courtesy of Kendra Jo Designs 

From the pages of romance novels, grass, and bison bones -- Kendra Jo Designs reflects upon themes and moods, and pours that into the concept-art clothes she makes. Her inspiration comes from a love of the human body, and adorning it with eclectic materials - conveying messages such as forbidden passion, vulnerability, and expressing your true self. It's evident in the clothes and collections she produces; we see a story, and soul in the way she approaches fashion.

In addition to designing clothes and wearable art; Kendra Jo has extensive knowledge and skills in metalwork. Her metalcrafting allows her to create jewelry for the collections she designs, an added accent to the Kendra Jo Designs aesthetic. 

Kendra Jo is a recent graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design, and is an up-and-coming designer we're proud to include in our FABRICATED Roster. 

For more information about Kendra Jo Designs, give her website some love or like her on Facebook.


Unveiling Designer #3: Broken Doll Clothing

We are thrilled and ecstatic to unveil Broken Doll Clothing as the third designer to the FABRICATED roster! Broken Doll takes the chic/polished look, applies it to wearable pieces - and makes the unique an accessible art form. 

As taken from the Story of Broken Doll Clothing: 

Founded in the fall of 07 / 08, Broken Doll Clothing, a Canadian made clothing label, has introduced a chic yet casual sophistication into Canadian fashion.  It's fresh, distinctive silhouettes incorporate into a woman's wardrobe, all while holding comfort to its highest level.

Broken Doll was born from a desire to make women feel sexy and attractive in their clothes but still feel comfortable and be affordable.  Eco knit fabrics such as tencel, modal, bamboo, and organic cotton, worked very well with her designs and filled the need to be as comfy cozy as pajamas.

Broken Doll Clothing keeps in mind many different body types while designing her line, supplying pieces in the collection to fit a wide range of clients.  Basics with a twist are always a core element for each collection. Broken Doll understands that we aren't all avante-garde fashionistas, we all can feel comfortable and still look trendy in her designs.

Broken Doll Clothing is sold in Calgary retailers: Studio Intent and Brandy Leigh's


Our Venue

Photo of the FABRICATED team at Currie Barracks - Courtesy of FABRICATED's Instagram

Finding the perfect venue is hard work.

There are budgets to be met, proximities to consider (hosting FABRICATED in Balzac, AB didn't have quite the same ring to it), size/spacing logistics, and most importantly: aligning aesthetics.

After an exhaustive search and much deliberation, we’re excited to announce FABRICATED Season III will take place at The Calgary Currie Barracks.

We chose Currie Barracks as our venue because it met all of our location/event criteria, and – most importantly – serendipitously complements the themes of FABRICATED, and of fashion this year.

Reflect on the following words: strong, bold, architectural – what do you envision?

We envision the synergy of strength and fashion.

This March 8th come share our vision by joining us at The Calgary Currie Barracks, and prepare to get FABRICATED.

For more a light overview of the Barrack’s history, please visit this link. To purchase tickets to FABRICATED please navigate to our tickets webpage.


Presenting Designer #2: NRT Fashions

Photo Courtesy of NRT Fashions' Facebook

BOLD. Nicole Rita Tomney is no stranger to creating wearable art that others have described as dark, confident, and EDGY; and that's why we love it. 

NRT was started in 2009 by Nicole as a high end fashion label for men and women. Nicole is a graduate from the Blanche MacDonald College in Vancouver and attended the now-defunct Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design, where she developed her raw edge. And the rest they say, is well, history. 

NRT has been on the FABRICATED runway before; in 2011 NRT debuted a flawless collection that attendees described as "raw and provocative". (photoset available here) So it's only natural that we are ecstatic to have her back. 
Since our last season of FABRICATED, Nicole has been up to great things: presenting collections in Vancouver, Toronto, or Mexico; and outfitting some of music's edgiest celebrities. 

This winter, NRT had the opportunity of outfitting The Butcher Babies - an up-and-coming anti-hero band fronted by two of the rawest women in music. Dressed to impress, the band slayed the show - and stole hearts with provocation and edge. Continuing on this high, Nicole also made a milestone in her career - meeting, and presenting music's most provocative frontman: Marilyn Manson, with a leather jacket she had custom made. 

NRT Fashions captures the boldness, edge, and raw couture of anti-hero fashion - and hence, why we are so thrilled to have her collection walking the runway this March 8th. 

For more information on Nicole Rita Tomney, please visit her website at: 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nrtfashions

To see Nicole present exclusive pieces from her line; purchase your tickets for FABRICATED here.


Introducing Designer #1: EG Forge

Photo courtesy of Uppercase

The countdown is on - 29 days until we walk the runway. We're proud to unveil the first designer, EG Forge as one of the facets of the FABRICATED prism. We're so excited for you to see his work; it's absolutely stunning. 

Please see his bio below: 


Eric Goodwin is a Calgary based designer that designs under the label EG Forge which specializes in bags and accessories. Working out of his small studio and Art Central he hand builds every bag from thick leather and sturdy waxed canvas. Using his knowledge of backcountry sports he designs and builds his bags to endure the harshest environments and conditions. Every bag is designed to last a lifetime.

“I build everything with a purpose, brass rivets in key stress points, finger loops on the backside of snaps so you can close them one-handed, and other details to numerous to list. Every little detail that goes into the construction is what makes the bag.”

Drawing inspiration from aviation and mountaineering Eric creates a unique look and unparalleled quality when crafting his bags.

“In aviation nothing is designed for aesthetics. Everything on an aircraft was put there for a very specific reason, and yet they look amazing. Same with backcountry equipment, everything is there for a reason. I think a great design will look great, even if it is purpose built.”

A lesson learned before starting EG Forge while working in the motorsport industry. Originally working with carbon fiber to create performance parts for cars.

“I worked with carbon fiber not because it looks amazing, which it does, but because it's the best. It is one of the lightest, strongest materials out there. It was there I realized that something like an intake plenum can be functional and beautiful at the same time.”

However more research revealed that because of the long winter Calgary doesn't have much of a motorsport industry. While working with leather for car interiors Eric shifted his gaze to bags.

“It was hard to find a solid leather bag in Calgary at the time, so I made one.”

Later Eric found a cotton mill in New Jersey that made waxed canvas , a tough classic material that was originally used for ship sails. Eric quickly incorporated it into his designs. Being waterproof and developing a unique patina over time it makes a perfect companion to leather.

Eric isn't stopping at bags though, for his new collection he has designed a unique series of rugged outerwear that focuses on classic style and durability. Merging classic and modern materials Eric's new outerwear collection will be his first ever shown.


Calling all Trunk Show Designers

Photo courtesy of Freyle by Carmen

Part of why we love FABRICATED is the opportunity for local designers to show off their merchandise -- whether it's necklaces, clutches, earrings, bracelets, etc; we love when our attendees are able to browse, buy, and mingle with local fashion designers. But hey, that's what a Trunk Show is all about. 

Over the course of the FABRICATED event, we're hosting merchandise tables -- for local artists to showcase their hardwork, and for our attendees to browse and purchase. 

Currently, we're still looking for Trunk Show applicants; so if you'd like your craft to be seen and sold, give us a holler at getFABRICATED@gmail.com