Noeuds Francais

Pardon my french, but French Knots Clothing has got us flustered with excitement to get a hold of their truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Founder and designer, Cathleen, re-purposes vintage clothing and fabrics to create bags and garments. The designs are influenced largely by her own nostalgic aesthetic; shapes and fabrics that remind her of loved ones, childhood, and old films.
Cathleen began sewing clothing at the young age of 16 when she couldn't find clothing to suit her taste in any stores. At the time Cathleen was reworking old t-shirts and dresses that from vintage stores, stencilling her own work and hand sewing everything, and sold her first piece of clothing at a rummage sale put on by her high school in Seattle.
After high school, Cathleen made a drastic relocation to Mexico where her teachers at Trozmer Fashion School taught her to make patterns for skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses. As a Costume Studies major at Dalhousie University, proper pattern drafting and sewing techniques were battered into her fingers.
"French Knots Clothing was created mainly because as an artist and designer I have something to say with my work. When that changes I will stop designing"
It's from Cathleen's deep-rooted inspirations and extensive technical training that she is able to design and create the unique and high-quality bags and garments and she is known for. We're dying to see the pieces she'll have for us at FABRICATED's Trunk Show where we can expect to see leathers mixed with knits, sheers, and cottons! You can also find her work at www.frenchknots.ca



FABRICATED's fabulous and highly anticipated magazine is now LIVE!

Have a read and meet our directors, management team, retailers, and designers. You'll also have a peek at the vendors who will be part of this seasons Trunk Show so you can gauge just how much shopping you will be doing.

And if you're the type that just flips through and looks at the pictures, you're in for a visual treat with the editorials Punk Apocalypse and Pure Revelation.

FABRICATED would like to thank our sponsor Slingin Ink Media once again for their incredible work in putting our magazine together! 

You can get your hands on a printed version of the mag by purchasing a VIP ticket to our show on September 8, available through the Theatre Junction GRAND's online box office

Loco for Coco

The quirky, playful designs from CocoRose Couture start with a trip to a vintage store, where antique jewelry is rediscovered and paired with vintage fabrics, dupioni silk, buttons, and unique rhinestones to create fascinators and other  accessories. 

The founder, owner, and designer behind CocoRose Couture, Bree, hails from small town Utah and holds a Business degree from Brigham Young University Idaho. She also took Event Planning and Floral Design courses at Mount Royal University Calgary. Bree originally started an Etsy shop for her designs as a means to finance her independent event planning company, but soon came to realize that her love for designing had grown further and better suited her lifestyle as a creative, quirky, and busy mom.

"I love creating pieces that have a history, a story, and just that little touch of whimsy that makes you feel unique, creative, and beautiful. I believe designing comes from all types of inspiration."

You can find her beautifully textured and highly popular Yoyo Rosette headbands along with the rest of the collection through her cocorosecouture Etsy shop and are also sold at Alberta Ballet performances, Silly Toes Kids & Maternity in Calgary, La Belle Boutique in San Francisco, and White Lily Spa in Houston, Texas.

 CocoRose Couture is a sure way to brighten up and a little spark to any outfit. Now you can get your hands on one of her pieces at this seasons FABRICATED trunk show. Fingers crossed that Bree will bring her highly anticipated fall and winter cocktail pieces!



Tomorrow evening PARK hosts PARKLUXE at the Winter Gardens of Jamieson Place. PARKLUXE will be showcasing a handful of Calgary's finest fashion talent: Lara Presber, Caitln Power, Bridget Bergman, and Anne B. Accessories.
Team FABRICATED will be in attendance and we are beyond excited. We love these designers work, and we LOVE what PARK is doing to cultivate the fashion and arts community of Calgary.

Witness how far Calgary fashion has come, and join us in support of PARK and the fashion and arts culture tomorrow! 

More information and tickets here

Meet Len

Meet the industrious Len Mastaler, FABRICATED's co-Director, and the man behind I Model Management. He built a name for himself owning and directing Calgary's top boutique modeling agency for 10 years, acquiring numerous return clients, and a board of beautiful and highly sought-after models (some of which you will see on the FABRICATED runway!)

Len with one of his models, Amanda
Len's experience in the fashion world goes even further as an art director for fashion shoots and commercial projects for many of Calgary's magazines. Needless to say, he knows how to get things and he knows how to get your attention. So what better person to handle our marketing, and secure our (fabulous) sponsors and (exquisite) venue?

Len's creative eye is apparent in the fierce, attention-grabbing marketing materials he and Karlee of Slingin Ink Media whipped up (hello? have you seen our poster? I die), and his business savvy and personable demeanor locked down our incredible sponsors and venue. It's no overstatement when I say we couldn't have done it without him!


Meet BR

Meet the magnetic BR Pirri, one of FABRICATED's dynamic directors. BR's experience runs deep in Calgary's fashion industry with 15 years in the bag hosting numerous fashion and fundraising events throughout the city.

She is also one of Calgary's most diverse, upbeat, and lovable stylists, recently styling the latest Moxie's Restaruant and ga.za.ba Milano ad campaigns. and personal stylist. This makes BR the perfect candidate to bring together designers and retailers to show at FABRICATED season to season. The relationships BR has cultivated over the years also ensures that Calgary's fashion movers, shakers, and decision makers will be in attendance, giving them the opportunity to check out the cities up and coming designers and accessory designers.

We are beyond ecstatic with the designers and retailers BR has confirmed for September's show, and we're sure YOU will be too!

You can also have BR all to yourself for your styling needs. Check her out www.briostyle.ca!


Meet Ramona

Meet Ramona Salas, FABRICATED's PR and Online Presence Manager, meaning she is the face behind the tweets, FB blasts, and blogs... (Hi!). She is the one in charge of keeping YOU in the know.
Ramona is currently in haute pursuit of her Professional Communication degree from Royal Roads University but has always had an eye on the fashion industry, completing the Fashion Merchandising and Marketing program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. Her brief time in Vancouver is when she first got a taste of fashion shows and events, working behind the scenes or on the floor.
Now Ramona feeds her fashion appetite as an intern at Calgary's boutique style agency I Model Management and as the PR contact for FABRICATED. She's excited to be working closely with fashion and lifestyle PR whiz Jason Krell on FABRICATED and has no doubt that we'll be bringing you a breath-taking show!


Folds and Creases

Being a holiday Monday, it was appropriate to start the day by flipping through the almighty Netflix. After watching the first 5 minutes of a number of movies and TV shows, I finally landed on a documentary about the art and science of origami by Vanessa Gould titled "Between the Folds". It's amazing how some peoples minds work, and what a simple square of paper can become.

The documentary showcased some mind-blowing art and trailblazing artists and scientists, and also brought to mind the following video I first saw on the Jalu Clothing blog. It's a video of Japanese designer Issey Mikaye's project with origami guru Jun Mitani, "132 5".
If you haven't seen  it yet, you're in for a treat. I'll let the video speak for itself, but like I said, it's amazing how some people's minds work.