Ok, so we're still reeling about last weeks show and barely believe it happened. But the pictures are trickling in, so there's no denying FABRICATED pulled in the fashion crowd and we gave you everything we've got! 

The attendance made our heads were spin! The amount of support we received from Calgary's fashion, arts, and culture elite/enthusiasts/lovers was truly humbling. One of our goals was to shine attention on Calgary's maturing fashion scene, and YOU all helped us reach it.

Here are just a handful of shots of some of our supports, directors, designers, and other attendees on the media wall that evening. Everyone looked awesome, and we had a great time!

Thank You Calgary! Can't wait to do it again.

Media Wall photos courtesy of Lily Wong. iLitphotography@me.com


She's got the Hoods

Any Calgarian can vouch for our bi-polar weather. We cried out for a functional and versatile accessory to keep us both warm and fashionable minus the bulk to lug around, and Stellar Hoods answered our call. By combining two of our favourite keep-me-cozy accessories - the hood and the scarf, owner and designer, Megan, opened a world of possibilities.

Megan graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Commerce (concentrating on Marketing) but has immersed herself in the fashion industry early on, gaining an understanding of how the industry operates. It was a combination of her business savvy and love for fashion that led her to pursue Stellar Hoods. Aren't we glad she did.

 These hood-scarf hybrids can be worn tied, untied, belted, buttoned, casual, dressy, inside out, right side in, and nearly everything in between. The original design was initially inspired by a scarf piece that Megan's mom used to wear but added a modern twist to it by experimenting with different designs and exploring new materials, colours, and textures.

When designing, Megan turns to the runways and fashion magazines to gauge the upcoming colour schemes and trends. The different colour and fabric combinations she pairs together, along with the numerous ways you can wear it allows Stellar Hoods to match and complete any outfit, no matter what look you are going for. She even offers customized hoods to suit your style to a T!

"Style is a very individual perspective. There is no right or wrong. That's why I try to create hoods that are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits no matter what kind of style you have."

With the colder months nearly upon us (cries), now is the perfect time to add a Stellar Hood to your closet! You can tie one up to go at this seasons FABRICATED Trunk Show. Stellar hoods are also available at www.stelarhoods.com, both Purr locations, The Gallery, and Chapel Hats in Chinook Mall


A-list Styles from Anne B.

If you're looking for that show-stopping piece to complete, or even carry, your entire outfit you're looking for Anne B. Accessories. Anne B. is a designer and supplier of high quality, luxurious, statement jewellery. She offers exquisite handmade accessories from diverse natural elements, such as shell, wood, stone, bone and horn, and resin. Her jewellery is designed with the elegant woman in mind - a woman with a penchant for unique and ageless designs.

The talent behind the chunky, attention-grabbing jewellery is Anne, who has immersed herself in the fashion industry for over 12 years. She has always loved designing fashion jewellery, and her collections greatly reflect that. Women can express their own unique styles through her tasteful, sophisticated creations that are worthy of any occasion. Her accessories make the conversation in the overall outfit.

Anne is obviously a very passionate designer but also has a primary mission to help those less fortunate back in her home country of the Philippines. This mission truly inspired Anne to continue her venture here in Canada.

"There's a story behind my creations. Creating designs and making women look great and feel good is something that fulfills me, however, giving job opportunities to the poor and feeding the families or our workers (in the Philippines) is a huge fulfillment for me and my family."

You can meet Anne, and take one of her gorgeous accessories home with you at this seasons FABRICATED Trunk show. You can also find Anne B. Accessories at Cross Iron Mills Mall, Bellissima Fashions Chinook Centre, and Zenobia Calgary.


Fine Jewellery sets our hearts a"Blais"

Andrea Blais Fine Jewellery carries on the tradition of classic, simple yet exquisitely detailed, and luxurious jewelry that can be paired with your everyday casual wear or a red-carpet worthy gown. It's a little bit nostalgic of the fine jewellery my mom used to keep tucked safely in her jewelry box and until a  special occasion deemed worthy enough let them shine. In other words, Andrea's work is captivating.

"I aspire to produce refined forms that communicate the simplicity, elegance, and purpose of nature." 

Andrea has been developing her practice as an artist and goldsmith since graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design with Distinction in 2008. Her artistic vision bloomed alongside her knowledge of technique and appreciation of the art form. The inspiration for her work is organic structure. She explore the intricacy and beauty of biology, while expressing themes of containment and nurturing.

Andrea's small pieces possess a certain magic. To fully experience a piece the viewer must gain a closer vantage, establishing an intimacy improbable with larger objects. This proximity allows the viewer to appreciate the delicacy and intricacy of the work. 

You can get in close proximity and fully appreciate Andrea's designs yourself at this season FABRICATED Trunk Show. Come see what this talented artist has created, and maybe take one home with you!
You can also purchase Andrea Blais Fine Jewellery through Influx Jewellery Gallery or by private sale.


Victorian Inclinations

You may remember meeting FABRICATED's Trunk Show Coordinator Jennea Frischke earlier in this blog. You probably remember that she is an uber talented and well-recognized jewelry designer and metal artist. You also know that you can get a first hand look and purchase her designs at FABRICATED's Trunk Show.
But you probably don't know JUST how good she is. Let me tell you.

Jennea will have her own exhibit at the Alberta Craft Council which opens tomorrow (Sept 3) and runs until Oct 15! The exhibit, titled "Victorian Inclinations", will showcase Jennea's newest work. We're extremely proud of this homegrown talent and are feeling extra lucky to have her on our team! 

For more information about the exhibit, click on the image below. We don't doubt it will be a success :)


Leather & Texture from Isabelle & Sophie

The polished and pretty designs of Isabelle & Sophie leather bags and accessories are perfect for those looking for a little bit of a texture-twist. The owner and designer of Isabelle & Sophie, Michelle creates gorgeous, classic pieces that compare and contrast the tactile nature of the materials chosen.
The talented Michelle originates from Toronto, received her degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson University, and started Isabelle & Sophie has a side project while working in the corporate apparel design industry. Michelle began exploring leather as a medium when she was taken over by the desire to learn how to manipulate, create, and sew using materials that were neither woven nor knit. She had an eagerness to make something people would cherish and use for a long time. In Michelle's designs, leather is often paired with fabrics, solid colours with print, and smooth with texture.
“Above all, Isabelle & Sophie is an expression of a desire for well-made, distinctive designs that are fun, feminine, and don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Isabelle & Sophie’s latest fall/winter collection “Boarding School”, explores some traditional silhouettes, such as framed doctor’s bags, with experiments in woven leather textures and canvas/leather combinations.
You can browse and shop Michelle's collections at www.isabelleandsophie.com, and get a hand-to-leather feel on her textures at this seasons FABRICATED Trunk Show. The luscious leathers are calling my name...


Noeuds Francais

Pardon my french, but French Knots Clothing has got us flustered with excitement to get a hold of their truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Founder and designer, Cathleen, re-purposes vintage clothing and fabrics to create bags and garments. The designs are influenced largely by her own nostalgic aesthetic; shapes and fabrics that remind her of loved ones, childhood, and old films.
Cathleen began sewing clothing at the young age of 16 when she couldn't find clothing to suit her taste in any stores. At the time Cathleen was reworking old t-shirts and dresses that from vintage stores, stencilling her own work and hand sewing everything, and sold her first piece of clothing at a rummage sale put on by her high school in Seattle.
After high school, Cathleen made a drastic relocation to Mexico where her teachers at Trozmer Fashion School taught her to make patterns for skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses. As a Costume Studies major at Dalhousie University, proper pattern drafting and sewing techniques were battered into her fingers.
"French Knots Clothing was created mainly because as an artist and designer I have something to say with my work. When that changes I will stop designing"
It's from Cathleen's deep-rooted inspirations and extensive technical training that she is able to design and create the unique and high-quality bags and garments and she is known for. We're dying to see the pieces she'll have for us at FABRICATED's Trunk Show where we can expect to see leathers mixed with knits, sheers, and cottons! You can also find her work at www.frenchknots.ca



FABRICATED's fabulous and highly anticipated magazine is now LIVE!

Have a read and meet our directors, management team, retailers, and designers. You'll also have a peek at the vendors who will be part of this seasons Trunk Show so you can gauge just how much shopping you will be doing.

And if you're the type that just flips through and looks at the pictures, you're in for a visual treat with the editorials Punk Apocalypse and Pure Revelation.

FABRICATED would like to thank our sponsor Slingin Ink Media once again for their incredible work in putting our magazine together! 

You can get your hands on a printed version of the mag by purchasing a VIP ticket to our show on September 8, available through the Theatre Junction GRAND's online box office

Loco for Coco

The quirky, playful designs from CocoRose Couture start with a trip to a vintage store, where antique jewelry is rediscovered and paired with vintage fabrics, dupioni silk, buttons, and unique rhinestones to create fascinators and other  accessories. 

The founder, owner, and designer behind CocoRose Couture, Bree, hails from small town Utah and holds a Business degree from Brigham Young University Idaho. She also took Event Planning and Floral Design courses at Mount Royal University Calgary. Bree originally started an Etsy shop for her designs as a means to finance her independent event planning company, but soon came to realize that her love for designing had grown further and better suited her lifestyle as a creative, quirky, and busy mom.

"I love creating pieces that have a history, a story, and just that little touch of whimsy that makes you feel unique, creative, and beautiful. I believe designing comes from all types of inspiration."

You can find her beautifully textured and highly popular Yoyo Rosette headbands along with the rest of the collection through her cocorosecouture Etsy shop and are also sold at Alberta Ballet performances, Silly Toes Kids & Maternity in Calgary, La Belle Boutique in San Francisco, and White Lily Spa in Houston, Texas.

 CocoRose Couture is a sure way to brighten up and a little spark to any outfit. Now you can get your hands on one of her pieces at this seasons FABRICATED trunk show. Fingers crossed that Bree will bring her highly anticipated fall and winter cocktail pieces!



Tomorrow evening PARK hosts PARKLUXE at the Winter Gardens of Jamieson Place. PARKLUXE will be showcasing a handful of Calgary's finest fashion talent: Lara Presber, Caitln Power, Bridget Bergman, and Anne B. Accessories.
Team FABRICATED will be in attendance and we are beyond excited. We love these designers work, and we LOVE what PARK is doing to cultivate the fashion and arts community of Calgary.

Witness how far Calgary fashion has come, and join us in support of PARK and the fashion and arts culture tomorrow! 

More information and tickets here

Meet Len

Meet the industrious Len Mastaler, FABRICATED's co-Director, and the man behind I Model Management. He built a name for himself owning and directing Calgary's top boutique modeling agency for 10 years, acquiring numerous return clients, and a board of beautiful and highly sought-after models (some of which you will see on the FABRICATED runway!)

Len with one of his models, Amanda
Len's experience in the fashion world goes even further as an art director for fashion shoots and commercial projects for many of Calgary's magazines. Needless to say, he knows how to get things and he knows how to get your attention. So what better person to handle our marketing, and secure our (fabulous) sponsors and (exquisite) venue?

Len's creative eye is apparent in the fierce, attention-grabbing marketing materials he and Karlee of Slingin Ink Media whipped up (hello? have you seen our poster? I die), and his business savvy and personable demeanor locked down our incredible sponsors and venue. It's no overstatement when I say we couldn't have done it without him!


Meet BR

Meet the magnetic BR Pirri, one of FABRICATED's dynamic directors. BR's experience runs deep in Calgary's fashion industry with 15 years in the bag hosting numerous fashion and fundraising events throughout the city.

She is also one of Calgary's most diverse, upbeat, and lovable stylists, recently styling the latest Moxie's Restaruant and ga.za.ba Milano ad campaigns. and personal stylist. This makes BR the perfect candidate to bring together designers and retailers to show at FABRICATED season to season. The relationships BR has cultivated over the years also ensures that Calgary's fashion movers, shakers, and decision makers will be in attendance, giving them the opportunity to check out the cities up and coming designers and accessory designers.

We are beyond ecstatic with the designers and retailers BR has confirmed for September's show, and we're sure YOU will be too!

You can also have BR all to yourself for your styling needs. Check her out www.briostyle.ca!


Meet Ramona

Meet Ramona Salas, FABRICATED's PR and Online Presence Manager, meaning she is the face behind the tweets, FB blasts, and blogs... (Hi!). She is the one in charge of keeping YOU in the know.
Ramona is currently in haute pursuit of her Professional Communication degree from Royal Roads University but has always had an eye on the fashion industry, completing the Fashion Merchandising and Marketing program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. Her brief time in Vancouver is when she first got a taste of fashion shows and events, working behind the scenes or on the floor.
Now Ramona feeds her fashion appetite as an intern at Calgary's boutique style agency I Model Management and as the PR contact for FABRICATED. She's excited to be working closely with fashion and lifestyle PR whiz Jason Krell on FABRICATED and has no doubt that we'll be bringing you a breath-taking show!


Folds and Creases

Being a holiday Monday, it was appropriate to start the day by flipping through the almighty Netflix. After watching the first 5 minutes of a number of movies and TV shows, I finally landed on a documentary about the art and science of origami by Vanessa Gould titled "Between the Folds". It's amazing how some peoples minds work, and what a simple square of paper can become.

The documentary showcased some mind-blowing art and trailblazing artists and scientists, and also brought to mind the following video I first saw on the Jalu Clothing blog. It's a video of Japanese designer Issey Mikaye's project with origami guru Jun Mitani, "132 5".
If you haven't seen  it yet, you're in for a treat. I'll let the video speak for itself, but like I said, it's amazing how some people's minds work.


Meet Katie

Meet FABRICATED's Event Manager Katie Karvellas. Katie is the CEO of Karvellas Couturier Events and has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. She graduated with a Fashion Marketing Diploma from the International Academy of Design in Toronto and started her career throwing fashion shows for a venue in downtown Toronto. 
After moving to Calgary, Katie opened her own retail shop that included many national and international new generation designers. She's has attended Fashion Weeks in Toronto, Vancouver, and London, and taken buying trips to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Europe. Katie extensive experience in the fashion industry has given her the ambition to push fashion forward thinking in Calgary through various avenues and has thrown numerous fashion events to promote over 50 local designers.
Katie joining FABRICATED as this seasons Event Manager guarantees  those attending a meticulous show. We couldn't have dreamed of anyone better!


Ode to Amy

Earlier this week, British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse passed away at only 27. Yes, it was everywhere in the media, but as a diehard fan, it just sank in.

Troubled yes, but a super talent first, Amy captivated with her unique music style and distinctive husky voice. She wrote with an old soul and performed with passion.
In addition to her impact in the music industry, she accelerated to fashion icon status, even having Karl Lagerfeld imitate her signature beehive 'do and Cleopatra eyes on Chanel's runway. Amy revamped the pin-up girl and created a look all her own. 

Unfortunately, we lost an amazing artist to addiction, a trend that is all too familiar. Something's gotta give so we don't keep losing those who are most talented and inspirational. It has happened far too often!

Amy Winehouse performing Back to Black live

R.I.P Amy Winehouse


Meet Megan

Meet FABRICATED's Event Coordinator, Megan Zee. Megan is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Commerce concentrating in Marketing. However, fashion has always been her main interest, and perhaps, obsession. She "loves the excitement, versatility, and unexpected changes that are constantly happening with the industry". To feed her fashion appetite, Megan assists local designer and friend (and FABRICATED's founder), Brook of Peeko Apparel, by helping out with administrative work, marketing, and other small tasks as they come up.
Megan initially got involved with last season's FABRICATED helping organize the Trunk Show. This time around, she is keeping the entire FABRICATED team in check, keeping us on track and in-tune with one another; not always an easy task with such a big team!

And if that isn't enough for one girl to do, Megan also runs her own company, Stellar Hoods. These hood-scarf hybrids (Megan is wearing one in the above picture) are designed by Megan herself, and are all the way awesome. Stellar Hoods are functional, cozy, adhere to any look you're going for, and can even be customized! Visit www.stellarhoods.com to shop and check out the different ways to wear them.

It's needless to say that Megan has outstanding organizational skills, exactly what the FABRICATED team needs.  We're lucky to have her on board keeping us all in check.


Officially on Print

And so we release...
Our poster

... our fabulous, fabulous poster.
Special thanks to our sponsors Kyle Goldie Photography, I Model Management, and Slingin Ink Media for bringing the concept to life!

Meet Ajay

Meet Ajay Bhandari, FABRICATED's Digital Media Department Manager. He brings with him an extensive list of credentials with his work experience as a director, producer, actor, editor, photographer, videographer, and umm… engineer. 

In addition to playing a part-time superman and doing all of the above, Ajay is also the founder of AJB Creative™. 
AJB Creative™ is a Calgary based multimedia production company specializing in providing photography and videography services in a variety of industries from fashion, corporate, to music videos, commercials, and more.  Their team of specialized artists, and multifaceted experts in their field ensure high quality work while maintaining focus and integrity of each project. 

Ajay is obviously very passionate about photography and videography, and in his own words "enjoys participating in exciting events - especially when it involves watching hot models walk down a runway"!

FABRICATED is thrilled to have an amazingly versatile and highly experienced person to head this department. We are sure that the photo and video coverage of our show in September will be nothing short of breathtaking.

If you are a videographer looking for something edgy and exciting to cover, get at Ajay at getajay@getfabricated.com He is looking for a couple more videographers to join him!

Pardon Us

We've made a little change, just a tiny one. This seasons FABRICATED will now be held on Thursday, September 8.
We are also super enthused to announce that the show will take place at the Theatre Junction GRAND once again! The venue was a perfect fit for the last show, why not stick with what works? 


Meet Jennea

Meet FABRICATED's Trunk Show coordinator, Jennea. Jennea Frischke is an interdisciplinary Alberta-born jewellery artist currently residing in Calgary.  In 2006 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), where she majored in Jewellery and Metals.  Jennea maintains an active jewellery practice, teaches Continuing Education courses at ACAD and has a vintage business aptly named “Around the Block Salvage”.
Her work is exhibited and collected nationally. In addition to participating in a number of juried shows each year, Jennea was chosen as one of 12 Albertans selected to be part of the Prairie Excellence travelling 3 year exhibition. Jennea's designs can be purchased through the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton, Diner Deluxe in calgary, and online at the Rabbit Boutique http;//www.rabbit-boutique.com/

On September 3, Jennea will have her first solo show, "Victorian Inclinations" at the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton. She received a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts to study Victorian jewellery in London, England, and the work is based on elements of this time period. Jennea is also active in the Calgary art scene through volunteering in a variety of arts groups including FABRICATED for the first two seasons, and recently as the set decorator for a local independent film, Dog Mask.

Needless to say, FABRICATED is lucky and proud to have such a talented, devoted, and highly recognized artist on the team. If you, too, are an accessory craftsman, you could have a chance to work closely with Jennea! She is looking for more vendors for this season's Trunk Show. If you are interested get at Jennea at getjennea@getfabricated.com. Hurry! Spots are limited!


generation whY

The Alberta Craft Council is bringing together young craft makers to share their vision and experience of the issues surrounding the said generation Y. They were invited to express their inspirations, be it technology, social issues, or the environment, in their own distinctive and fine craft. The event features a number of artists from Alberta and surrounding areas, and begins this Saturday, July 16 at the Alberta Craft Gallery in Edmonton. Visit http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca/ for more information.

One of the talented artists featured in this show, is FABRICATED's own Jennea. She is our Trunk Show coordinator, and is looking for unique vendors like herself to be part of the trunk show this September. Contact her at getjennea@getfabricated.com!


Meet Stephanie

Meet FABRICATED's volunteer coordinator Stephanie Pahl. She's currently in her second year of Arts & Cultural Management at Grant MacEwan University and recently completed a course on volunteer management.

 "I am passionate about all aspects of arts & culture, and I am extremely excited to organize a group of volunteers for the FABRICATED show in September!" - Stephanie

Stephanie is currently looking for stars to fill a number of volunteer positions for the night of the show. If you are interested in being a part of a high profile night of fashion get at Stephanie at getstephanie@getfabricated.com


Best Face Forward

The talented and creative team of make-up artists at Sephora Calgary have signed on for this season of FABRICATED. From intricate cat eyes and airbrushing, to a clean, fresh-faced look, this team can do it all and do it amazing!


Sneak a Peek

On July 1, our photography sponsor Kyle Goldie shot FABRICATED magazines editorial with the stunning Veronica (I Model Management) in Vancouver. He even provided some behind the scenes shots, and we couldn't resist sharing. 

These photos are absolutely amazing. We can only imagine how beautiful the full editorial will be. 
You know you don't want to miss it! So keep your eye out for the FABRICATED magazine, coming to you August 8.