The Stitches That Make Up FABRICATED: Our Team

Carolyn CuttingFront of House Manager

Carolyn Cutting is a busy lady, not just because she’s responsible for FABRICATED’s guests, food, beverage – and – layout; but because she also travels the world in her spare time. After graduating university with a Bachelor’s of Commerce, Carolyn visited Tokyo and New York – soaking up the trends, styles, eventually making her way back to Calgary.

We’re excited have Carolyn and her business-meets-fashion sense for this year’s team.


Robert Freeman CartwrightBlogger and Public Relations Specialist



Rob has finally come out of the closet (no, not that closet – that one was so 2005) as a fashion enthusiast. With a degree in Commerce, Rob works as a Communications – Management Consultant; and by night, manages FABRICATED's blog presence. In addition, Rob has enjoyed lending a hand in the PR portfolio: developing and crafting the written brand / content-tone for this season. Rob is excited to share his love of FABRICATED with Calgary. 

“+1 – FABRICATED likes Rob”


Ajay BhandariAudio Visual Manager

Have you seen our video from last year? If so, you are already familiar with the high quality of his work. As the founder of Sonapix Media Group (a Calgary based multimedia production/communication/digital publishing company), Ajay keeps busy exploring all avenues of his creative spectrum while balancing an impressive “to-do” list.

We’re excited to have Ajay onboard again this year, as the culmination of FABRICATED and Ajay’s style yields impressive creations. 


Sarah AllenHair and Makeup Manager

Someone give this girl a brush – because she knows what to do with it. Saving potential hair and makeup tragedies, Sarah is no stranger to the vital necessities of a runway show. 
Today, Sarah is a make-up artist at everyone's favorite fashion mecca: Sephora. She has a wealth of knowledge that will lend itself to the backstage of FABRICATED; ensuring that our models represent the look of the designers, and this season.

We’re excited for the creative auxiliary eye that Sarah brings to our team. 


Liz NandeeSet Designer

You know when they say there are no words to describe a person? Well, Liz Nandee is the exact opposite. In fact, there are so many words to describe this world renowned Interior Designer. Liz is the owner of Florida-based interior design firm called Basic Black Designs. With 8 years of experience under her belt, Liz's astounding talent and company were featured in several design showcases, events, functions, as well as for many charitable organizations and also appears regularly on TV, radio and web clips. 

In fact, Liz designed two of the sets for Oprah's Canadian tour!

She also founded the Design Association of Calgary (DAC), created Designs 2 Desire (an upcoming Calgary based webisode series), is a part-time in instructor at Mount Royal University for the Interior Decorating Program, and  is the Design Editor and co-founder of State Tic - an international design + fashion magazine. 

Watch how Liz transforms this year's FABRICATED stage! We certainly cannot wait!


Len MastalerCo-Director

Meet the industrious Len Mastaler, FABRICATED's co-Director, and the man behind I Model Management. He built a name for himself owning and directing Calgary's top boutique modeling agency for 10 years, acquiring numerous return clients, and a board of beautiful and highly sought-after models (some of which you will see on the FABRICATED runway!)

Len's experience in the fashion world goes even further as an art director for fashion shoots and commercial projects for many of Calgary's magazines. Needless to say, he knows how to get things and he knows how to get your attention.
Len's creative eye is apparent in the fierce, attention-grabbing marketing materials he and Karlee of Slingin Ink Media whipped up (in his words, “hello? have you seen our poster? I die”).

FABRICATED would not be FABRICATED without Len Mastaler.


BR PirriCo-Director

If one word could describe BR Pirri, it’d be: magnetic. As one of FABRICATED's dynamic directors, BR's experience runs deep in Calgary's fashion industry with 15 years in the bag hosting numerous fashion and fundraising events throughout the city. With an expertise in styling, charisma for days; BR has been an insatiable force for FABRICATED’s past, present and future.

You can also have BR all to yourself for your styling needs. Check her out www.briostyle.ca!

We are grateful for the electricity that BR brings to FABRICATED.

Carmen TsangEvent Manager

Meet Carmen Tsang, FABRICATED’s Event Manager. Carmen is a marketing and communications professional who has a love for creating, innovating, and strategizing. She is involved with several arts and culture organizations and uses her talent to help grow the fashion community in Calgary. It is her goal to help local artists find opportunities to grow their careers in Calgary. Aside from her day job, Carmen has a knack for styling. She is a Junior Stylist with the Artist Group and showcases her work on her style blog – www.freylebycarmen.com.

Carmen looks after the entire FABRICATED team and keeps everyone on track. She strategizes and plans the overall show to ensure the production is flawless. Out of the many tasks on her plate for FABRICATED, her outgoing personality also makes her a great Sponsorship Manager. If you want to do know anything about FABRICATED, Carmen is your girl to contact.

FABRICATED would tear at the seams without Carmen Tsang. #Truth


Sabrina May – Public Relations & VIP Manager FABRICATED Magazine & Design Organizer

FABRICATED is incredibly lucky to have Sabrina May of Sabrina May PR manage our Public Relations and VIP portfolio this season. Sabrina is a fashion force to be reckoned with; her ability to make Canadian designers, boutiques, artists, and galleries known in the fashion world is undeniable. Sabrina also helps coordinate the designers for this season – and – on top of it all, organizes the layout, design, content-control and overall aesthetics for FABRICATED’s exclusive magazine. Featuring the designers and our team, the FABRICATED magazine will also feature two editorials: a candid look into the themes and trends of FABRICATED and fashion this season. A phenomenal accomplishment by a phenomenal woman.

In Sabrina’s spare time – she organizes Calgary’s only Fashion Meetup Group and Art Meetup Group – connecting the various creative network facets this city has to offer, and fostering relationships and connections that might otherwise be available to Calgarian talents.

We're excited and grateful to have her experience, wisdom, and passion, help make the stitches of FABRICATED come together. 


Jessica Pechet – Production Manager

Jessica Pechet is Calgary’s premium photographer.

Photography is such a refined art because it requires a critical eye for one’s environment, positioning, color theory, and an aesthetic that ties a message in complimentary fashion. Now, re-read that last sentence, and insert “The Production of a fashion event” instead of photography. Both creative streams require the complete understanding of how to convey a mood; and that’s where Jessica shines brightly.

Jessica of Jessica Pechet Photography is lending her critical eye for FABRICATED – ensuring that our production is the truest definition of flawless.

We are thrilled to have Jessica at the helm of the FABRICATED experience.

Audrie Sham – Back of House Manager

Audrie Sham is another globe trotter we are excited to have at our FABRICATED round-table. She’s soaked up the trends and culture from London, Hong Kong, and everywhere in between.

With a degree in Commerce and involvements in the Haskayne elite student club scene – Audrie has knowledge and experience organizing events in an effective and smooth manner; hence we why are thankful that she is involved with our Back of House efforts. From organizing the needs of Designers and other Back of House duties – we are grateful for the methodical approach she takes to her work.


Krista O’Keefe – Volunteer & Backstage Manager

FABRICATED would be nothing without volunteers. So by proxy, we would be nothing without Krista.

Krista has lived in Australia, travelled to more countries than we can count, and studied at the Blanche MacDonald Centre for Fashion Merchandising. 

As the Backstage Manager: Krista ensures the needs of our designers, models, stylists, make-up artists, hair talent, and everything in between are met – she effectively is the oil between many, many different parts and   guarantees that  our models are ready for our runway.

We are excited for the direction and positivity that Krista lends to the FABRICATED team

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