Presenting Designer #2: NRT Fashions

Photo Courtesy of NRT Fashions' Facebook

BOLD. Nicole Rita Tomney is no stranger to creating wearable art that others have described as dark, confident, and EDGY; and that's why we love it. 

NRT was started in 2009 by Nicole as a high end fashion label for men and women. Nicole is a graduate from the Blanche MacDonald College in Vancouver and attended the now-defunct Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design, where she developed her raw edge. And the rest they say, is well, history. 

NRT has been on the FABRICATED runway before; in 2011 NRT debuted a flawless collection that attendees described as "raw and provocative". (photoset available here) So it's only natural that we are ecstatic to have her back. 
Since our last season of FABRICATED, Nicole has been up to great things: presenting collections in Vancouver, Toronto, or Mexico; and outfitting some of music's edgiest celebrities. 

This winter, NRT had the opportunity of outfitting The Butcher Babies - an up-and-coming anti-hero band fronted by two of the rawest women in music. Dressed to impress, the band slayed the show - and stole hearts with provocation and edge. Continuing on this high, Nicole also made a milestone in her career - meeting, and presenting music's most provocative frontman: Marilyn Manson, with a leather jacket she had custom made. 

NRT Fashions captures the boldness, edge, and raw couture of anti-hero fashion - and hence, why we are so thrilled to have her collection walking the runway this March 8th. 

For more information on Nicole Rita Tomney, please visit her website at: 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nrtfashions

To see Nicole present exclusive pieces from her line; purchase your tickets for FABRICATED here.

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