Introducing Designer #1: EG Forge

Photo courtesy of Uppercase

The countdown is on - 29 days until we walk the runway. We're proud to unveil the first designer, EG Forge as one of the facets of the FABRICATED prism. We're so excited for you to see his work; it's absolutely stunning. 

Please see his bio below: 


Eric Goodwin is a Calgary based designer that designs under the label EG Forge which specializes in bags and accessories. Working out of his small studio and Art Central he hand builds every bag from thick leather and sturdy waxed canvas. Using his knowledge of backcountry sports he designs and builds his bags to endure the harshest environments and conditions. Every bag is designed to last a lifetime.

“I build everything with a purpose, brass rivets in key stress points, finger loops on the backside of snaps so you can close them one-handed, and other details to numerous to list. Every little detail that goes into the construction is what makes the bag.”

Drawing inspiration from aviation and mountaineering Eric creates a unique look and unparalleled quality when crafting his bags.

“In aviation nothing is designed for aesthetics. Everything on an aircraft was put there for a very specific reason, and yet they look amazing. Same with backcountry equipment, everything is there for a reason. I think a great design will look great, even if it is purpose built.”

A lesson learned before starting EG Forge while working in the motorsport industry. Originally working with carbon fiber to create performance parts for cars.

“I worked with carbon fiber not because it looks amazing, which it does, but because it's the best. It is one of the lightest, strongest materials out there. It was there I realized that something like an intake plenum can be functional and beautiful at the same time.”

However more research revealed that because of the long winter Calgary doesn't have much of a motorsport industry. While working with leather for car interiors Eric shifted his gaze to bags.

“It was hard to find a solid leather bag in Calgary at the time, so I made one.”

Later Eric found a cotton mill in New Jersey that made waxed canvas , a tough classic material that was originally used for ship sails. Eric quickly incorporated it into his designs. Being waterproof and developing a unique patina over time it makes a perfect companion to leather.

Eric isn't stopping at bags though, for his new collection he has designed a unique series of rugged outerwear that focuses on classic style and durability. Merging classic and modern materials Eric's new outerwear collection will be his first ever shown.

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