Meet Ajay

Meet Ajay Bhandari, FABRICATED's Digital Media Department Manager. He brings with him an extensive list of credentials with his work experience as a director, producer, actor, editor, photographer, videographer, and umm… engineer. 

In addition to playing a part-time superman and doing all of the above, Ajay is also the founder of AJB Creative™. 
AJB Creative™ is a Calgary based multimedia production company specializing in providing photography and videography services in a variety of industries from fashion, corporate, to music videos, commercials, and more.  Their team of specialized artists, and multifaceted experts in their field ensure high quality work while maintaining focus and integrity of each project. 

Ajay is obviously very passionate about photography and videography, and in his own words "enjoys participating in exciting events - especially when it involves watching hot models walk down a runway"!

FABRICATED is thrilled to have an amazingly versatile and highly experienced person to head this department. We are sure that the photo and video coverage of our show in September will be nothing short of breathtaking.

If you are a videographer looking for something edgy and exciting to cover, get at Ajay at getajay@getfabricated.com He is looking for a couple more videographers to join him!

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