Meet Megan

Meet FABRICATED's Event Coordinator, Megan Zee. Megan is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Commerce concentrating in Marketing. However, fashion has always been her main interest, and perhaps, obsession. She "loves the excitement, versatility, and unexpected changes that are constantly happening with the industry". To feed her fashion appetite, Megan assists local designer and friend (and FABRICATED's founder), Brook of Peeko Apparel, by helping out with administrative work, marketing, and other small tasks as they come up.
Megan initially got involved with last season's FABRICATED helping organize the Trunk Show. This time around, she is keeping the entire FABRICATED team in check, keeping us on track and in-tune with one another; not always an easy task with such a big team!

And if that isn't enough for one girl to do, Megan also runs her own company, Stellar Hoods. These hood-scarf hybrids (Megan is wearing one in the above picture) are designed by Megan herself, and are all the way awesome. Stellar Hoods are functional, cozy, adhere to any look you're going for, and can even be customized! Visit www.stellarhoods.com to shop and check out the different ways to wear them.

It's needless to say that Megan has outstanding organizational skills, exactly what the FABRICATED team needs.  We're lucky to have her on board keeping us all in check.

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