Ode to Amy

Earlier this week, British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse passed away at only 27. Yes, it was everywhere in the media, but as a diehard fan, it just sank in.

Troubled yes, but a super talent first, Amy captivated with her unique music style and distinctive husky voice. She wrote with an old soul and performed with passion.
In addition to her impact in the music industry, she accelerated to fashion icon status, even having Karl Lagerfeld imitate her signature beehive 'do and Cleopatra eyes on Chanel's runway. Amy revamped the pin-up girl and created a look all her own. 

Unfortunately, we lost an amazing artist to addiction, a trend that is all too familiar. Something's gotta give so we don't keep losing those who are most talented and inspirational. It has happened far too often!

Amy Winehouse performing Back to Black live

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

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