Meet BR

Meet the magnetic BR Pirri, one of FABRICATED's dynamic directors. BR's experience runs deep in Calgary's fashion industry with 15 years in the bag hosting numerous fashion and fundraising events throughout the city.

She is also one of Calgary's most diverse, upbeat, and lovable stylists, recently styling the latest Moxie's Restaruant and ga.za.ba Milano ad campaigns. and personal stylist. This makes BR the perfect candidate to bring together designers and retailers to show at FABRICATED season to season. The relationships BR has cultivated over the years also ensures that Calgary's fashion movers, shakers, and decision makers will be in attendance, giving them the opportunity to check out the cities up and coming designers and accessory designers.

We are beyond ecstatic with the designers and retailers BR has confirmed for September's show, and we're sure YOU will be too!

You can also have BR all to yourself for your styling needs. Check her out www.briostyle.ca!

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