Folds and Creases

Being a holiday Monday, it was appropriate to start the day by flipping through the almighty Netflix. After watching the first 5 minutes of a number of movies and TV shows, I finally landed on a documentary about the art and science of origami by Vanessa Gould titled "Between the Folds". It's amazing how some peoples minds work, and what a simple square of paper can become.

The documentary showcased some mind-blowing art and trailblazing artists and scientists, and also brought to mind the following video I first saw on the Jalu Clothing blog. It's a video of Japanese designer Issey Mikaye's project with origami guru Jun Mitani, "132 5".
If you haven't seen  it yet, you're in for a treat. I'll let the video speak for itself, but like I said, it's amazing how some people's minds work.

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