Noeuds Francais

Pardon my french, but French Knots Clothing has got us flustered with excitement to get a hold of their truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Founder and designer, Cathleen, re-purposes vintage clothing and fabrics to create bags and garments. The designs are influenced largely by her own nostalgic aesthetic; shapes and fabrics that remind her of loved ones, childhood, and old films.
Cathleen began sewing clothing at the young age of 16 when she couldn't find clothing to suit her taste in any stores. At the time Cathleen was reworking old t-shirts and dresses that from vintage stores, stencilling her own work and hand sewing everything, and sold her first piece of clothing at a rummage sale put on by her high school in Seattle.
After high school, Cathleen made a drastic relocation to Mexico where her teachers at Trozmer Fashion School taught her to make patterns for skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses. As a Costume Studies major at Dalhousie University, proper pattern drafting and sewing techniques were battered into her fingers.
"French Knots Clothing was created mainly because as an artist and designer I have something to say with my work. When that changes I will stop designing"
It's from Cathleen's deep-rooted inspirations and extensive technical training that she is able to design and create the unique and high-quality bags and garments and she is known for. We're dying to see the pieces she'll have for us at FABRICATED's Trunk Show where we can expect to see leathers mixed with knits, sheers, and cottons! You can also find her work at www.frenchknots.ca

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